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We believe in a personalized approach to macro counting...and that your workouts should be fun! Whether you just found out about macros (and don’t yet know what “track your macros” means) or you’ve been tracking for years, we have customized programs just for you! You’ve probably seen macro calculators online, but they don’t take your lifestyle and individual goals into account. We’re here to help you with a personalized macro plan!

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After years of working with clients, we found that there are two parts to change. The first is biology and the second is motivation. What we have done with the Love Your Body Challenge is brought these two parts together to spark motivation for change.

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I Heart Macros Weekly Whip

 Thousands have joined WHIP where you get new, fun, high energy workouts every single week. If you want to build muscle and burn body fat without spending hours on the treadmill, this is for you.


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jaw dropping transformations

 We believe in a personalized approach to macro counting and that your workouts should be fun! Slide to see the latest jaw dropping transformations from the Love Your Body Challenge.



I started macro counting (aka flexible dieting) a few years ago. Up until that point, I had tried every diet under the sun - low carb, high fat, Atkins, Paleo, Keto - you name it, I've tried it. But all those diets left me feeling... deprived. Feeling deprived led me to binge eat, and I couldn't get out of that cycle. For 10+ years I followed this pattern, until one day I researched macro counting and decided to try it. Click to watch our story.



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