iHeartmacros Supplements was started with the idea that we needed better alternatives to the supplements we were taking. Over the years supplements have always been part of our routine and have been seen as a vital part of achieving a higher level of fitness. Finding that many of the artificial additives being put in these products were causing more harm than good and more discomfort that they were worth. This led us to action, led us to the idea we can do better, we can create products that make a difference from day one. Product you can see, taste and feel are better than the alternatives AND that your body needs and agrees with. 


We set out to create the solution through the best ingredients, spared no expense in our raw products, all the while keeping them affordable. We will continue to slowly add products and flavors, only as we are sure they are the best taste and quality available. We will never just release a product to release a product, if we don’t use it ourselves and know it is the best it could be, we will not put it out there. We honestly appreciate your support and feedback and if you need anything we are here, please feel free to reach out CONTACT US


-Quincey and Brandon