Introducing Our Newest IHM Supplement: EAA's


Many of you were familiar with our Strawberry Lemonade BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids). We’ve moved away from selling BCAA’s to bring you an even BETTER supplement for your workout and/or intermittent fasting.

Introducing, Mango Lemonade EAA’s!

Here’s why we made the shift from BCAA’s to EAA’s…


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are 20 total amino acids; 9 of them are classified as “essential”, and 3 of the essential amino acids are considered “branch chain.” So when you take your EAA’s, you still get all the BCAA’s!

The more research we did on EAA’s, the more we felt we needed to offer this supplement! We consider our EAA’s step up from BCAA’s in terms of effectiveness.

Our clients use amino acids to help improve their cardio, workouts, and especially help them throughout their intermittent fasting periods. I like to sip on them during my workout! You don’t have to be doing intermittent fasting to drink EAA’s.

Our EAA’s are available now. Each order comes with 30 individual serving packets. We LOVE the stick packs!! Order yours now!