IHM Love Your Body Challenge


Each season, we run a Love Your Body Challenge for our community members participating in our iHeart Macros programs. After years of working with clients we found that there are two parts to change. The first is the biology and the second is motivation. What we have done with the Love Your Body Challenge is brought these two parts together to spark the motivation to for change. Our next challenge will start October 14th! It’s the last challenge of the year and we hope you join us!



If you have followed my journey for any length of time you know I am all about balance, however with that said, we have the ability to turn it into high gear and push ourselves a little harder to lean up for that wedding or beach vacation. And to the question, why 30 days? This program is not a long-term program and I do not suggest that it is.

Over the years I’ve worked with many clients that ask me to help them with a mini-cut or to “lean up” just a tad more. This is why I created the CUT program! As you get into this CUT, just keep in mind it is a short-term program and you can do it. It will not always be comfortable or fun, but it is necessary for the desired outcome. So, let this be a wonderful, exciting experience!

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IHM Love Your Body Challenge


Past winners of the Love Your Body Challenge have received $1,000-$2,000 cash prizes. We award prizes based on overall transformation during the CUT which can mean either muscle gain, weight loss, or improved body composition. Each week we also give away 2 $100 lululemon gift cards to those that tag us on Insta at @IHeartMacros and use the hashtag #IHMLOVEYOURBODY.